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Speculators Looking for Havens f...

Slowing global economic growth resulted in the head start of Silver this year after three decades...

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Gold Price Rally Driven By Haven...

GOLD prices continue to creep in upward direction due to turbulence and worries in global currenc...

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Tucson Gem Show

The 2015 version of Tucson Gem Show is scheduled to be organized from 19 Jan-14 Feb 2015 at Holid...

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Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair

UBM Asia is set to organize the latest edition of Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair from 16 – 20...

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Company Introduction

L Ring -Gold Jewelry Factory

Lring Jewellery, one of the largest and leading Gold Jewelry Factory, manufacturer of Jewellery products located in Guangdong, China. We have been serving the gold jewellery and silver jewelry industry for over a decade now and have been very successful at what we do. Our global business expansion has been very prominent and has helped us further in doing business globally with name known by everyone. We have have market presence in UK, USA, Australia and Middle East. We are specialized in Jewellery manufacturing design and wholesale.

We manufacture and export unique fashion accessories from China to different countries worldwide. We deal in different varieties of jewellery for men and women. Our main products are 8k-24k gold gem-set jewellery and silver jewellery such as: Necklaces, Bracelets, Bangles, Earrings, Rings, Pendants, and Brooches. Now we have introduced a new product line called Pandora beads.

We offer: OEM services, ODM service, Stone changing service, after sell services, and Jewellery design services.

Our Gold Jewelry factory is located in Guangdong, China, with an area of over 688 square meters. We have over 50 experienced workers and are outfitted with highly modernized facilities. Our company has been manufacturing gold jewellery and fine jewellery for 9 years, and our workers have over 9-years of jewellery manufacturing experience and 6-years of jewellery exporting experience. Factors that have helped us in achieving our short term goals are: Team collaboration, our reasonable prices with high quality products, and services we offer.

In order that we could become even well renowned in the global market as the best gold jewellery factory and Silver Jewelry Factory, we try our best to enhance the skills of those who work for us. Considering the progressive growth and our long term relation with them, at our company, we have monthly training sessions which help our employees to design and produce jewellery with their own designs. These session give workers confidence and also encourage them that they are reliable, and assure them that they are independent assets of the company. Recently we have started in-house training of our employees in developing and expanding CAD skills

We are also concerned with the safety of our employees. We provide them a great environment in both healthy and safety way. In order to minimize the safety risk we are providing them with the modernized equipment for designing new, unique and creative jewellery product. We offer competitive wages and other benefits for their hard work.

We acknowledge that jewellery has a big impact on the environment; therefore we are responsible to protect our environment. By considering the disadvantage of jewellery impact on natural sources, we have minimized water and energy consumption. Being an environmentalist gold jewelry factory, we are using non-polluting technologies in order to comply with the requirements of environmental policies. We also encourage our employees to help the local community organizations in our region.